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Dry Eye Spa

Dry Eye Spa

Dry Eye Spa

Dry Eye Spa

What is dry eye?

  • Dry Eye is a condition where eyes do not produce enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye
  • Tears are necessary for maintaining:
    • Health of the front surface of the eye
    • Providing clear vision
  • Dry eye is a common and often chronic problem, particularly in older adults.


What is meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)?

  • A blockage or some other abnormality of the meibomian glands so they don’t secrete enough oil into the tears.

  • The tear film on the surface of the eye evaporates too quickly.

  • MGD is associated with Dry Eyes


Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Can be mild to moderate, or severe

  • General symptoms:

    • Sporadic watery eyes

    • Intermittent blurry vision that clears with blinking

    • Contact lens discomfort

    • Light sensitivity in indoor lighting or moderate setting

  • Symptoms can progress to:

    • Chronic red

    • Burning

    • Itchy eyes

    • Severe pain and discomfort

    • Fluctuating vision

    • Feeling of something foreign within the eye

When left untreated can lead to extreme outcomes scarring of the meibomian glands, cornea, surrounding tissue.

Current Dry Eye Treatment Options

Proliferation of New Options

  • Interest around dry eye disease has led to a proliferation of device-based treatments

  • Patients are increasingly interested in non-drug therapies


Envision (Forma-I & Lumecca-I) is the new in-office standard revolutionizing procedures in delicate areas. This groundbreaking, nonsurgical device deploys multiple programmable modalities which work synergistically to deliver precision treatments.


  • The small size applicators and precise depth control allow for procedures in the small, more delicate subdermal layers of the periorbital region.

  • Treatments performed improve patient quality of life without surgery, medications, or prolonged downtime.  

  • This intelligent programmable workstation provides customizable treatments to address common conditions. 


  • An innovative thermal technology designed to deliver target bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to small delicate zones.

  • Heat delivered during the procedure “melts” the oil clogging the glands and pressure from the applicator movement allows simultaneous easy expression.


FORMA-I Before & After

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

  • Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) has been FDA approved for more than 15 years to treat rosacea and remove superficial skin lesions

  • Commonly used in dermatology practices

  • Ophthalmologist Rolando Toyos, MD, originated the idea of using IPL in eye care after a series of DED patients presented in his office demonstrating improved tear film characteristics without any change in their treatment regimen; all had been treated for rosacea with IPL (Toyos et al.). 

  • Increasingly, IPL has been shown to have a positive effect on patients with MGD (Gupta et al., Craig et al.).


  • Innovative intense pulsed light delivers targeted energy to small delicate zones such as the periorbital area

  • Mechanism of action

    • Light energy reduces inflammation

    • Light wavelength is selectively absorbed by telangiectatic blood vessels, which coagulates them 

    • Rosacea often is linked to inflammatory process

    • IPL reduces the load of demodex mites that stimulate infection

    • Light energy stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts and motility in immunoregulatory cells

    • IPL treatment indirectly interrupts the dry eye inflammation cycle by reducing the osmolarity of the tear film to normal levels


LUMECCA Before & After

Red Light Therapy

  • Also known as photobiomodulation, is a medical treatment that uses low-level light to improve tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. 

  • The 633nm red light is one of the common wavelengths used in LLLT. 

  • Here are some of the benefits associated with the use of low-level Red Light therapy at 633nm:

    • Reduces inflammation in the body by increasing circulation and reducing the production of inflammatory molecules.

    • Promotes wound healing and reduce scarring by promoting collagen production and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

    • Relieves pain in various conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, and muscle soreness.

    • Improve the appearance of skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin texture and tone, and promoting collagen production.

    • Studies have shown that red light therapy can improve cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


  • MiBoFlo is a treatment for Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) that uses a handheld device to apply heat and massage to the eyelids. 

  • The device uses a patented technology called controlled heat pulsation, which delivers gentle heat to the Meibomian glands to help liquify the oil that has become thick and clogged, and then massage to help express the oil out of the glands. 

  • The treatment can improve gland function and relieve dry eye symptoms.


  • LidPro is the perfect device for exfoliating eyelid scurf due to blepharitis. 

  • The in-office procedure precisely and safely spins a medical-grade micro-sponge along the edges of your eyelashes and eyelids providing exfoliation and the removal of the infected debris called scurf.

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