IPL, Radiofrequency Dry Eye Treatment

IPL, Radiofrequency Dry Eye Treatment

IPL, Radiofrequency Dry Eye Treatment

IPL, Radiofrequency Dry Eye Treatment

Common Dry Eye Symptoms

Gritty, itchy, or burning sensation

Watery Eyes

Sensitivity to light

Trouble Reading

Blurry Vision

Difficulty driving


Trouble watching TV

Swollen eyelids

Fatigued eyes at the end of the day

Problems wearing contacts

"Something in my eye" feeling

Dry Eye Treatment | Envision by InMode

Our eyes are one of our most important tools, and eye health can be extremely important for our overall comfort, learning, and general cognition. However, more than 16.4 million Americans have been diagnosed with dry eye disease (DED), a condition that occurs when tears are insufficient to provide adequate lubrication for the eyes, and it has been estimated that up to half the population would say they suffer with some form of chronic dry eye.

The number of Americans that suffer with this condition is expected to worsen even more rapidly as we spend more and more time staring at screens. The blue light emitted by our computer screens, smart phones, and televisions causes further strain on our eyes, which can heighten our susceptibility to dye eye. Dry eye disease is often characterized by light sensitivity, watery eyes, blurry vision, red eyes, and a burning or itching sensation. The most common cause of DED is a condition known as meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), in which the sebaceous glands around the eyes become clogged and unable to function correctly.

Despite the enormous number of people suffering with dry eye, there have been no truly effective solutions available to treat the condition, until now. In 2023, a new breakthrough technology for dry eye disease called Envision RF, by InMode, was released. This pioneering medical technology has been proven to treat the root cause of dry eye disease for effective, long-term results. Optikos Optometry leads at the forefront of the industry, being one of the first practice in the world to offer Envision. Envision by InMode is set to be the future of dry eye treatments around the world. Schedule your consultation today so see if you qualify to be one of the very first in the nation to receive this groundbreaking treatment.

One of the Envision platform's key modalities is the Forma-I, a treatment which has been available internationally since 2022, but has been unavailable in the USA until now. Having now received a full clearance and indication from the FDA, Forma-I is now available in America at Optikos Optometry. The Forma-I treatment addresses the root cause of dry eye by directly targeting the meibomian glands, which can be one of the leading causes of chronic dry eye.

​​​​​​​Lumecca is a very powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) that treats pigmented and vascular lesions. After just one use, you will notice significant improvement in the complexion and clarity of your skin. Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which delivers a comfortable and effective light treatment.

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